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Over 40 Years of Experience

Spinal injuries are some of the more difficult medical situations to handle. Currently medical science has not solved the issues involved with spinal injuries to the point where one can be cured of these life-changing injuries. When the injury took place due to the negligence, recklessness or dangerous act of another, you may have the right to make a claim for compensation for damages.

If you have suffered a spinal injury in a car accident, work accident or other accident in which another person was at fault, it is crucial that you contact a San Jose spinal injuries attorney to assist you with the legal aspects of your injury. At Shea & Shea, the legal team is known for its high-quality and extensive work in spinal cord injury cases and would like to discuss the details of your case with you. At this no-cost initial consultation, it can be determined how best to proceed in any legal action.

From paraplegia to quadriplegia and paralysis there are a number of debilitating results that could come from injury to the spinal cord. In fact, the problem is so severe that loss of motor functioning, sensory losses, and even wrongful death can result from accidents that injure a person's spine. Therefore, if you or someone you love has recently been injured in an accident which caused damage to your spine, then you owe it to yourself to take legal and medical action. The causes of spinal cord injuries are vast and sometimes impossible to avoid. What's more, rehabilitation can be extremely difficult to undergo. There is no reason that you should have to endure this time alone, as damage to the spine could affect your brain stem as well, and you may need supportive help more than ever.

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At Shea & Shea, you can rely on the legal services provided by an attorney at the law firm. Whether you want to learn more about what a spinal cord injury is or you already know that you need legal help with your accident and injury, a lawyer from the firm is on hand to assist with all of your needs. Shea & Shea has over 40 years' experience in dealing with personal injury cases. The legal team takes on only a certain number of cases, so that the attorneys and assistants can focus on the case at hand and give it the attention it deserves.

In such cases, taking a quick settlement is not how to approach the situation. It is critical that the actual damages and changes in your quality of life are addressed. In such a devastating injury case, it may be necessary to take the legal claim to trial. Your case will be prepared as if going to trial, and this thorough research and preparation can increase the monetary compensation for your injury. These injuries are serious, and often the victim is now paralyzed or suffering serious life-changing difficulties. Their families are intimately involved in the recovery process, and need the time and the finances to devote to the care of their loved one.

At Shea & Shea, a personal injury attorney will dedicate the time and energy to your case to increase the possibility of getting the maximum compensation for the damages you or your loved one suffered as a result of the spinal injury. Spinal injuries are serious and often do not have a possibility of recovery in many cases. However, there may be newer medical treatments and techniques in the future, and one wants to know that there will be finances available if such treatments become available. You deserve the best of medical care after such an injury, and Shea & Shea can assist you in seeking maximum compensation for all damages suffered due to the accident.

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